Voon Boo Ho, Profesor, Dr.


Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan

Email Address: bhvoon@uitm.edu.my
Position: Profesor
Expertise: Service Quality, Service Culture, Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Research
Status: Active
No. Research Title Status Date of
1. Dimensionality of Homestay Service Experience for Tourist Satisfaction. COM
2. Attitude and Experiences of the Nursing Students: An Empirical Exploration OGN
3. Critical Service Encounters in UiTMCS: An Exploratory Investigation From Students' Perspective Using Critical Incident Technique COM 2002-08-20
4. A Study on the Progress of the Diploma in Banking Studies (DIB) Graduates of MARA University of Technology, Sarawak Branch COM 2002-08-31
5. Market Orientation And Competitiveness: An Exploratory Study Of Manufactures In Sarawak(Incoporation With Kuching Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry And Sarawak Manufacturer's Association) COM 2003-01-01
6. Service Quality Survey For Sarawak Forestry Coorperation COM 2005-09-01
7. Measuring And Managing Franchisee Satisfaction: A Study Of Academic Franchising COM 2006-06-14
8. Developing and Validating a Student-Perceived Market Orientation Scale in Higher Education COM 2006-08-04
9. Influences of personal cultural values on expectations of restaurant service quality COM 2007-01-31
10. Library Service Quality Survey for Pustaka Negeri Sarawak COM 2007-01-31
11. Library Service Quality for Pustaka Miri COM 2008-12-04
12. Measuring web service quality of Malaysian companies COM 2009-04-02
13. Relationships among corporate website quality, visitor satisfaction and loyalty COM 2010-12-27
14. Developing a measurement tool for hospital service excellence COM 2012-03-16
15. Impact of Intellectual Human Capital and ICT on Bank Efficiency in Malaysia COM 2012-08-31
16. Integrating LibQUAL and Kano Model for Library Service Excellence COM 2014-01-22
17. Developing a multidimensional service experience model for Halal food restaurants COM 2014-01-22
18. Outcome-Impact Survey on the Public Awareness & Appreciation Programme and Traditional Knowledge Documenation Programme of Sarawak Biodiversity Centre COM 2014-01-30
19. Dissatisfiers and Actual Performance of Hotels with Poor Online Rating COM 2018-03-20
No. Innovation Title
1. WebServ Scale




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