Project Title i-COMM GEAR
Project Category Innovation
Abstract The ability to communicate effectively is essential in any workplace organization. Workers are expected to employ suitable communicative strategies in order to perform productively. While having the knowledge of communicative competence is useful, many are still struggling to deliver information efficiently when dealing with communication in the workplace. Therefore, using the right approach to scaffold communicative competence is imperative to develop a collaborative mindset. This project presents a pilot study of an innovation named i-COMM Gear. This module applies an inquiry-based learning approach designed for working individuals who experience difficulties and are seeking confidence in communicating effectively in a professional setting. The module consists of six (6) subdivisions that aim to enhance workplace communication ranging from the topics of effective communication skills to handling workplace conflicts. Some interesting features include interactive role-play scenarios and quizzes to encourage active participation in this three-day programme. The results from the survey generally revealed positive feedback and acceptance of the modules presented in i- COMM Gear. A large majority of the participants reported favourable outcomes on learner engagement, deeper learning, and confidence towards workplace communication. The novelty of this product lies in its flexible and interactive resources that promote learning through inquisition and investigation. Indeed, i- COMM Gear is not only a useful inquiry-based learning modality for working personnel but it goes beyond the workplace setting as it also benefits one in daily encounters. Keywords: communicative competence, workplace communication, inquiry-based learning, collaborative learning
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2022-08-11


Staff Status
Jacqueline Susan anak Rijeng Leader
Kimberley Lau Yih Long Member
Imelia Laura ak Daneil Member
Tang Howe Eng, Dr. Member
Christine Jacqueline Runggol Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
International Innovation Competition on Languages, Education and Societies (IINNCOME) 2022 2022-07-08 International Silver Virtual (UiTM Perlis Branch)