Project Title QR Di & In
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Differentiation and integration are two major domains in calculus. Their formulas are important in solving application equations of almost all disciplines. Students find calculus difficult especially in course of MAT 183, MAT 235 and MAT 238; it is often because of a failure to recall and apply the exact formulas of differentiation and integration of transcendental functions. Furthermore, they could not differentiate and integrate correctly caused to be confused about many formulas and often interchanged the differentiation and integration formulas. With these, QR Differentiation and Integration (QR- Di & In) was introduced to minimize students’ difficulty in memorizing formulas; to hone students’ study skills in calculus and to increase the positive attitude of students towards calculus with fun way. Two different sets of cards for each differentiation and integration functions were used for practice. One set card name as a function card and the other set call an answer card. The function card consisted of function is on the top of it and QR code as the answer to the function is on the bottom of it. A total of 70 basic functions were selected included functions of the polynomial; exponential; logarithmic; and trigonometric. Students practice differentiation and integration by using the function card and do self-checking by scanning the QR code. Moreover, the student can have logic and strategy practice by matching the function card to the answer card which is displayed according to the pyramid layout. Results of the pre and post-test have shown that there was an increment of mastering the differentiation and integration formulas. QR- Di & In offer new fun ways to engage students in studying differentiation and integration as well as provide another way of teaching to educators.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2020-03-02


Staff Status
Jong Li Ling Leader
Lai Tze Wee Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Innovation, Invention, Design Pre selection Competition 2019-07-26 Campus Participation UiTM Cawangan Sarawak