Project Title I-Integration
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Integration is one of the major domains in calculus and a fundamental concept in secondary school and university. Its formulas are important in solving application equations of almost all disciplines. Students have poor performance in Integral Calculus and researchers have found that one of the reasons is a failure to recall and apply the exact formulas of integration into functions. Furthermore, they also could not integrate correctly caused to be confused about many formulas and often interchanged the differentiation and integration formulas. Therefore, I-Integration was introduced to minimize students’ difficulty in memorizing formulas; to hone students’ study skills in integration and to increase the positive attitude of students towards integration with fun ways. Two type sets cards are used for conducting 2 activities. Cards are named as function cards and answer cards. Function cards have a function and QR codes. QR code is the answer correspond to the respective function. Activity 1 was carried out to help students recall; memorize and identify the exact formulas into different types of functions. Students integrate the function cards and then, do self-check by scanning the QR code. Activity 2 is considered as logic and strategy practice which assists the student in practice; apply and distinguish the exact formulas. Students use their function cards to remove the corresponding answer cards, which are displayed in the pyramid layout. Upon several practices, results of pre and post-test have shown that an increment of using exact integrating formulas into different types of functions. I-Integration offers new fun ways to engage students in studying integration as well as provide an alternative way of teaching to educators.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2020-03-02


Staff Status
Jong Li Ling Leader
Lai Tze Wee Member
Anniza binti Hamdan Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Innovation Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran STEM (IPPSS 2019) 2019-09-21 State Bronze CityOne mall, Kuching