Project Title SIR : Say It Right
Project Category Innovation
Abstract SIR – SAY IT RIGHT is an interactive multimedia software which attempts to introduce learners to the world of phonetics. It is an interactive multimedia software which gives a new dimension to pronounce English words correctly through its interactive approach. Its two-fold objectives are to familiarize learners with the English phonetic system by introducing the 44 phonemes of the English language in the in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), and to create awareness about the importance of correct pronunciation of English words. Unlike other interactive software available in the market, SIR’s novelty lies in its specific focus on commonly mispronounced words in English and the phonological awareness the software introduces into the learner’s cognition to facilitate comprehension and production. Phonological awareness which involves detecting, discriminating and manipulating the sound segment of spoken words while knowing that the smallest unit of sound can affect the meaning, is an integral component of pronunciation learning. It also denotes awareness of sound patterns and the ability to isolate one sound from the other. In the context of SAY IT RIGHT interactive software, learners will be engaged in various linguistic operations that make use of information about the sound structure of the language, that is, all the phonemic aspects associated with the system of pronunciation of English. The ability to perceive, detect, isolate and manipulate the sound structure of the English language underlies the learning principles of SIR interactive software. This innovative software promotes self-directed learning, provides immediate feedback, makes learning fun and interactive, as well as enables learners to do self-assessment. Hence, learners will find it easy to relate to and engage with the activities and exercises provided.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2020-02-29


Staff Status
Sueb Ibrahim, Dr Leader
John Francis ak Noyan, Dr Member
Lilly ak Metom Member
Ismariani binti Ismail Member
Zubaidah Bohari Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention, Innovation and Design Exposition 2019 (IIDEx 2019) 2019-09-10 National Silver Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor, UiTM Shah Alam