Project Title Project Management Smart Kit
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Project management course (ADS512) addresses project management from a management perspective rather than engineering perspectives. It includes all systematics rules and procedures for the students to express their ability in managing the projects. The students are required to come out with project proposal before end of the semester. The projects will be based on various sector/fields. The outcomes of the project proposal report can be used as a project portfolio management during the interview. The project portfolio gives ‘bird’s eye view’ projects/exercises created by the students. Thus, the Project Management Smart Kit will comprise all aspects needed by the students to complete all required assessments in smart, standard and systematic way. There are four (4) smart components in the smart kit develop by the innovators: A. Theoretical Smart, B. Hands on Exercises, C. Smart Tools and D. Sample Project Proposal. Teaching Project Management can be a challenge. But by using this Project Management Smart Kit, we can deliver our teaching in time and with systematic way. 15 students tested the kit and commented that the Smart Kit made their learning process easier as all sources during the learning in one file.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2020-02-29


Staff Status
Noorfadhleen binti Mahmud Leader
Asmahani binti Mahdi Member
Angie Edward Daung Member
Nadrawina bt. Isnin. Dr Member


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International Innovation in Teaching and Learning (i-InTeLEC2019) 2019-04-18 International Bronze Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort Penang, Malaysia