Project Title VoteHere4u
Project Category Innovation
Abstract VoteHere4U (Electronic Electoral Online System) aids voting processes to become easier, to ensure the safety of the ballot and to accelerate the process of results. It is developed using web-based platform, to be accessed online and is only accessible locally within the organisation’s network.The main issues of the existing manual voting are time-consuming procedure (a lot of time to cast a vote and count the ballots), not cost effective (printing and ballots distributions) and involves too many personnel to assist in voting stations. Besides, it can also give results of fake voting or inaccurate data.The system enables any organisation to conduct voting via online, to cater to any organization’s needs, without the worry of changing the coding or databases. • Online voting • Real time results • Easy to set up • (add this) Voters can vote multiple candidates from the same post (committee members) and contested positions • (Add this) Voters can view the time allocated for voting USEFULNESS: • VoteHere4U increases the efficiency of the election procedures: time saving, paperless, less manpower and cost effective • Voters face less hassle of voting procedures • Administrative can monitor the voting progress and can generate real time accurate results and the setup for the voting event can be prepared within short period of time. COMMERSIALISATION POTENTIAL: • It is adaptable to any other event or organisation that requires voting, where election process can be conducted in an efficient and effective manner. • It enables the organisation to conduct voting via online to cater to any organization’s needs, without the worry of changing the coding or databases.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2020-02-29


Staff Status
Aiza binti Johari Member
Adib Sarkawi Member
Azlina binti Bujang,Dr Leader
Mohd Farid Assamani bin Mohamed Zainon Member
Zainon binti Haji Bibi Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Innovation Technology Expo 2019 (InTEX 2019) 2019-07-24 State Bronze Pullman Hotel, Kuching