Project Category Innovation
Abstract Nowadays, everyone would agree that technology has its pros and cons. While the technologies have made everyone’s lives better, it is definite that this technology has also affected a few other activities to be pushed aside. Walk around the streets and the majority of the people are either on their smart phones or listening to their MP3 players, as if saying to anyone who passes them by to mind their own business. It has to be said that at some point, these gadgets have separate people from each other. One of the activities that people would go through is by exploring the great outdoors. It is that time when people go out and bask into nature uninterrupted by a text message or a phone call. Surprisingly, experts say that outdoor activities can reap as many benefits as staying online can. Multipurpose Magic Blanket Bag has many functions. The main functions of this product are as a baby warmer, a bag (backpack), a sleeping bag, a bolster, a blanket and a pillow. The target markets for this product are not only suitable for babies but also suitable for toddlers, children as well as adults who love to travel and enjoy outdoor activities as well as suitable for parents with kids. We get the idea to create Multipurpose Magic Blanket after we did some research. We interviewed 200 people selected randomly from inside and areas near to UiTM campus. Based on the research, we found out that most of respondents agreed that in order to have healthy lifestyles, people should be active in outdoor activities either with spouse, family or friends. Therefore, we decided to create a product which is suitable for everyone, easy to carry everywhere and it has multipurpose function.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2022-06-08


Staff Status
Gloria Anak Panit Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Graduate Digital Invention Innovation and Design 2019 2019-05-08 National Participation UiTM Kampus Terengganu