Project Title Easy-Go-Tourniquet
Project Category Innovation
Abstract The Easy-Go-Tourniquet is used for blood taking and intravenous cannulation procedure in any healthcare center. Easy-Go-Tourniquet strap is made of elastic fabric ranging from 25cm to 45 cm long and 2.5cm width. There are few stainless-steel hooks and clips attached to the strap for attaching and detaching purposes. This alternative tourniquet is easy to apply and remove, cause no pain, cheap, light and reusable with slip and tear-resistant and it is washable. With a clip at one end of the strap, easy to store the tourniquet inside the pocket or bag and carry it anywhere. It can be used by those on hemodialysis to apply pressure on the fistula after dialysis to control bleeding. The size fits both on adult and children.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2020-02-28


Staff Status
Dorothy anak Kulai Leader
Bodis Francis Ninggoi Member
Jacqueline Pattie A/P Emah Member
Malati binti Marzuki Member
Margaret ak Bungkong Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention Technology Expo (INTEX 19) 2019-07-24 State Silver Imperial Hotel Kuching