Project Title Go-GP
Project Category Innovation
Abstract ABSTRACT There is a need to shift towards green practices due to the adverse impact of the construction activities on the natural environment. Green construction is expected to be implemented in every construction project and Malaysia is developing a national pathway towards sustainable development. Literature has been acknowledged procurement as a strategic tool to integrate the green practices as a collaborative effort in the project delivery. However, the current procurement practices do not favour green practices. Literature has identified challenges such as cost increased, lack of persuasion to improve green performance, low level of knowledge and commitment which calling for a new approach in the procurement delivery. Thus, this project has proposed a procurement strategy to guide the project stakeholder to procure a building project. The green procurement (Go-GP) guideline’s checklist was established based the proposed Go-GP model, that was developed based on the literature findings, the preliminary interview and validated using SEM analysis. The Go-GP guideline’s checklist consists of clear measurement on the green project’s performance. The guideline helps to determine how well green progress has done and what improvements are needed to be made along the way. Overall, this research demonstrates that green procurement will help to improve projects’ green performance in term of environmental aspects and social aspects. The proposed guideline provides suggestion of improved process for the green-oriented procurement. The implication of this final green procurement model and the guideline is beneficial to be used by the construction industry practitioners and policy makers to plan a strategy to procure a building project which incorporates green-oriented practices. Since research in this area is very limited, an overview of green procurement practices can potentially create awareness and enhance knowledge among practitioners.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-11-07


Staff Status
Asmah Alia Mohamad Bohari, Sr, Dr, PQS Leader
Zafikha Aida Binti Bidin, Sr Member
Syamimi Liyana binti Amat Rais Member
Kumalasari binti Kipli Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Innovation Technology Expo 2019-07-24 State Bronze Imperial Hotel Kuching