Project Title E-SEIC : School Effectiveness Indicators Checklist
Project Category Innovation
Abstract School administrators in high achieving schools serve as developers of a school culture and they are considered the main source and the driving force for continuous educational effectiveness. The problems that need to be addressed by the Ministry of Education at present are : Is there any measuring instrument on school effectiveness that suits Malaysian school setting ? If no, how do the Ministry of Education and the State Education Department determine and justify whether a school administrator has brought effectiveness to a school ? Even though there are existing instruments abroad in the market, it seems that these instruments are not locally-based and the sub-scale compositions may not be relevant to the Malaysian context. It is undeniable that we do have instruments to measure certain aspects of a school but the issues here are “what” is being measured, “how” it is measured, and what are the dimensions or indicators used to measure school effectiveness. Thus, developing other measuring instruments would not be an issue as we would then have a lot of options and alternatives to choose from to suit our purposes and objectives. In short, having another developed School Effectiveness Indicators Checklist (E-SEIC) would be an alternative for the Ministry of Education and State Education Departments to use this measuring tool as a means to measure the level of school effectiveness apart from the existing tools in Malaysia. The School Effectiveness Indicators Checklist (E-SEIC) is used to provide a means to gauge school performance on the five vital dimensions related to school effectiveness. The E-SEIC measures five dimensions of school effectiveness : (1). Academic Performance; (2). School Programme; (3). Organizational Management; (4). Learning Environment; and (5). School Achievement
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-08-08


Staff Status
Sueb Ibrahim, Dr Leader
Lenny Yusrina bt. Bujang Khedif Member
Ismariani binti Ismail Member
Sulastri binti Putit Member


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Invention, Innovation & Design (IID) and Sarawak Invention, Innovation & Design (SIIDex) Pre-Selection 2018 2018-08-06 Campus Participation Dewan Jubilee Samarahan Campus