Project Title Derivative by using Function Dices Game
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Derivation is a difficult mathematics concept for most undergraduate students. It becomes more challenging when students are asked to derive composite function, they are unable to answer it or tend to make mistake. It could be attributed to inadequate understanding of the concept of function, unable to compose and decompose function, and weak in memories the basic formula and rules of differentiation. Derivative by using Function Dices Game (DFDG) is suggested to help students’ learning in this concept by promoting mathematical understanding with game. Function dice is ranged from polynomial function, exponent function, logarithm function to trigonometry function integrate with only one variable. Three activities are conducted. First, students are asked to throw a dice, hence differentiate the outcome. This part can facilitate recall of the basic formula of differentiation. Second,, two dices are thrown; students are asked to compose the function, followed by differentiating the outcome. Third, students are asked to compose and differentiate the three function dices. These 3 parts enhance the understanding of composing function and applying chain rule differentiation. It is hope that DFDG will resolve students’ misconception and error understanding when they are applying chain rule differentiation.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-02-27


Staff Status
Jong Li Ling Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Innovation towards Excellent Teaching 2017-10-20 Campus Bronze Samarahan Campus 2