Project Title Mathematics II (Basic)
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Mathematics II (Basic) is a massive open online learning (MOOC) developed for certificate and pre-diploma science students. It aims to provide a digital, anywhere accessible mathematics learning environment and encourage independent learning among the students. This MOOC is developed due to the limited mathematics courses available online which is constructed based on Malaysia public university syllabus. Moreever, there is an urgent need of this MOOC to be developed as the progress of teaching and learning STEM using MOOCs is very slow in Malaysia as compared to other developed countries. This MOOC covers wider mathematics contents such as Set, Index & Logarithm, Sequence & Series, Function, Graph of Functions, Statistics and Probability (Permutation & Combination). Through Mathematics II (Basic), students are trained to learn a lot about basic knowledge of mathematics and able to solve basic mathematical problems and questions. Students are able to use hyperlink to assess to Youtube video, powerpoint and notes to help them in learning mathematics. Various animations and videos are used in this MOOC to incorporate visual learning environment for students’ mathematics learning. Its novelty is enabling students to understand, develop, and communicate with different mathematical learning features. In this case, multiple representations are used to construct the MOOC environment. These multiple representations include graphs and diagrams, tables, formulas, symbols, words, videos, physical and virtual manipulatives, pictures, and sounds. Representations are thinking tools for doing mathematics. They usually involve more structure and organization and provide more comprehensive learning experiences. It is hoped that this MOOC can help to improve students’ calculations and build up their confident when dealing with mathematics subject in examination.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-02-13


Staff Status
Tang Howe Eng, Dr. Leader
Imelia Laura ak Daneil Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
National E-Content Development Competition 2018 2018-08-28 National Gold Dewan Seri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam