Project Title Self-Driven Student Learning Canvas
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Malaysian current educational approach puts too much emphasis on documented grade point assessment, rather than student’s readiness for a career. Learning outcomes should be focused on what the students will be able to learn, and their ability to transfer what they have learned to new contexts. Without having these skills, students will not be able to apply skill sets that they should have at the end of their graduation. Therefore there is an urgent need to redesign learning structures. One of the best approach is by implementing elements of mapping out several key prescriptions, for fast and focused learning activities. “Self-Driven Student Learning Canvas” is introduced as it is a simple method that effectively teaches students how to transfer their knowledge to a systematic manner. It is a one-page template used by students for developing their understanding and documenting it into easily understood segments. Students need to sketch out the mapping framework and explore the course content in details so that they can fill out each segment by summarizing their findings through a step- by-step guide. They need to adapt in incorporating new ideas into the canvas as they go along and be creative by adding keywords and details to each section. This approach will eventually enable students to get a head start on using their affective, psychomotor, and cognitive skills. This approach also directly helps them to master the course content more efficiently. The value of this approach is that it is easy to use and interpret and at the same time, it provides an effective platform for students to transform their knowledge into practices. The uniqueness of the proposed solution can be described by its dual natured; highlighting not only its ability to self-driven students’ performance, but also its potential values that can be used by other academic departments or higher education institutions to improve student learning outcomes.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-01-02


Staff Status
Ahmad Fadzil Bin Jobli, Dr Leader
Maureen Neging Member
Siti Zaidah Othman Member
Caroline Marajan,Dr Member
Amir bin Nazaruddin Member
Ahmad Zaidi Hampden Member
Noor Azland bin Jainudin Member
Morgan Jampi Jepon Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
International Invention & Innovation Competition (InIIC) Series 2/2018 2018-10-20 International Silver Resorts World, Langkawi, Malaysia