Project Title MyHajj
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Hajj is an annual pilgrimage carried out by muslims, whereby pilgrims visit the holy land of Mecca. Currently, upon being selected by the Tabung Haji Institution, pilgrims would attend a brief course on the procedures of Hajj prior to their trip. However, it is fairly common that these pilgrims, especially first timers to be overwhelmed by the inordinate amount of information that needs to be taken in. The current solution is generally though the provision of notes or booklets to carry about, which is highly cumbersome and inefficient. Here, we have develop and app that supplies pilgrims with the bare minimum of information, in an organized, easy-to-access format. The app was developed using Android Studio v2.3.2 and JAVA. Design elements were constructed using Adobe Photoshop. The coding coding was done following tge completion of app framework encompassing the fundamentals of Hajj and its pillars, Ihram, Wukuf, Tawaf, Saie and Tahallul. The MyHaji app compresses the rulesets of Hajj and provides a diagram of the pilgrimage, allowing pilgrims to better keep track of their journey. At the same time, the app controls the amount and order of information being displayed at a time, thus avoiding users from being overwhelmed. In addition, a virtual information repository in app form is much more convenient compared to traditional approaches. As pilgrims tend to carry their smartphones at all times, it eliminates the need for them to carry any extra resources during their pilgrimage, which further emphasizes its convenience.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-01-02


Staff Status
Mohamad Izwan Bin Ismail, Dr Member
Mohd Zuhaili bin Kamal Basir Member
Mohd Shafik Bin Mohd Samsi Member
Norizuandi Bin Ibrahim Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Jasin Multimedia & Computer Science Invention and Innovation Exhibition (JamCSIIX) 2018 2018-11-22 National Gold Level 3, UiTM Cawangan Melaka Kampus Jasin Library