Project Title Sustainable Neighbourhood Element’s (SNE’s) Framework for Urban Residential Areas in Malaysia
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Sustainable Neighbourhood Element’s (SNE’s) framework is proposed for neighbourhood planning in urban residential areas in Malaysia. The framework consists of three (3) main elements which are Economic, Social, and Environmental with criteria that complements the 21 sustainable neighbourhood elements. All the SNE’s are extracted from journal papers and previous studies of sustainable neighbourhood elements. The SNE’s framework can enhance the current implementation to be more transparent as it can indicate the real time examples especially on green space elements in the neighbourhood. There are four (4) performance levels for Urban Neighbourhood Practices applied in SNE’s framework which are ‘Best Practice, Good Practice, Moderate Practice and Basic Practice’. All sustainable neighbourhood practices are divided into 4 score categories which are Exemplary, Proficient, Apprentice and Novice. SNE’s framework serves as an indicator to the construction stakeholders to be applied to the current neighbourhood planning in an urban residential area in Malaysia.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-02-13


Staff Status
Ahmad Faiz Abdul Rashid, Sr, Dr, PQS Member
Noraziah binti Wahi, Sr, Dr, PQS Leader
Roseline anak Ikau Member
Wan Mohd Nurdden bin Wan Muhammad Member
Ruth Lua Ejau Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
The 7th International Innovation, Invention & Design (INDES 2018) 2018-08-15 International Participation Ipoh, Perak