Project Title Hanzi Write it Right (Advance)
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Learning Mandarin character writing requires a totally different metalinguistic knowledge from English or Malay. As such, many negative transfers could be identified among the learners. In addition, its logograph writing system restricted learners from deconstructing the letters to form different syllabus or phonemes as in most languages do. These increase the difficulties in character writing learning in Mandarin. Thus, Hanzi Write It Right Advanced is an interactive digital platform specially designed to make the learning of character writing more easy and comprehensive for learners to digest. On top of that, its feedback driven learning facilitates, improves and enhances learners’ accuracy in stroke order writing in particular, which is the most crucial component in character writing but is most often neglected by learners as well as some educators. This would then help them to boost up their vocabulary knowledge for better language acquisition. The app is not only useful for children, college or university students but anyone especially from non-Chinese background or a beginner learner. It is also a potential teaching tool for educational institutions or business organizations either for self- improvement or professional use.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2019-01-02


Staff Status
Ting Hie Ling Leader
Ch'ng Looi Chin Member
Norizuandi Bin Ibrahim Member
Adeline Anak Engkamat Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
1st Digitalised International Invention, Innovation & Design Competition (DIIID Johor 2018) 2018-08-28 International Silver Dewan Jubli Intan, Johor Bahru