Project Category Innovation
Abstract Concrete filled steel tube (CFST) columns are a structural system with excellent characteristics structurally and economically as compared to other types of columns such as reinforced concrete columns and steel columns. Using CFST, can save some material costs and construction time that eventually result in reduction in overall construction costs as high as 24% and 10% compared to steel columns and reinforced concrete columns respectively. Commonly the joint connection between steel beams to steel hollow section column uses either welding or bolting system. However both methods are not sutable for thin walled steel tubes. Therefore a new method of connecting steel beam to CFST using T-stub end plate with Hollo-bolt is developed. This connection method is develop on single beam connected to the column face with different type of connections such as beam directly welded to column face, using extended end-plate and also T-stub end plate connected with Lindapter Hollo-bolts to column face. The performance of the beam-column connection using both extended end plate and T-stub end-plate proven to have a good strength capacity as compared to the beam welded directly to the column face. The strength capacity recorded in extended end plate connection in terms of its shear strength and moment-rotation capacity is prominent. Extended plate with hollo-bolt beam-CFST column connection shows a promising performance to be used for thin-walled CFST columns. This product also has a great potential to be commercialized, where both feasible connections product and the thin walled CFST column can be produced as an IBS component.
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Validation Date 2018-10-18


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Joe Davylyn Nyuin Leader


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Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition 2018 2018-10-12 International Gold UiTM Shah Alam