Project Title N.I.Kit: The National Income Kit
Project Category Innovation
Abstract National income calculation is a fundamental theory introduced in preliminary macroeconomics course and in fact has become the common question probed in all assessments including tests, quizzes and assignments on basic macroeconomics concepts. Hence, it is essential for students to be able to command this concept carefully without making substantial errors in attempting the question. However, unlike standard mathematics subjects, the calculation of national income requires thorough comprehension on both theoretical and numerical parts of the concept. Students often face difficulty in memorizing and applying the formulae to calculate national income. Additionally, it is also observed that students tend to lose substantial amount of marks due to incorrect information captured from the question. N.I.Kit or National Income Kit is a visual learning tool that is specifically designed to illustrate the calculation of national income effectively. It is inspired based on the idea of stamps and photo album where students would be required to write the specific components of national income and organize them according to the designated slots inside the album. The kit also serves as a compilation of tutorials that embody the concept of collectible items, which will make it easy and convenient for students to do their revision efficiently. ‘N.I.Kit’ aims to redefine the practice of national income calculation in an interesting and visually appealing manner. In terms of its potential for commercialization, it is planned be marketed as an affordable and handy tool for students to carry along during lecture sessions. Keyword: National income, macroeconomics, learning, visual aid, collectible
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-10-18


Staff Status
Dayang Hummida binti Abang Abdul Rahman Leader
Junaidi @ Saudi B. Haji Narani, Dr Member
Shafinaz Lyana Member
Fatin Adilah Razali Member
Ting Hie Ling Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
INTERNATIONAL INVENTION & INNOVATION COMPETITION (InIIC) SERIES 1/2018 2018-05-12 International Gold Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur