Project Category Innovation
Abstract This self-instructional module is developed to promote independent learning among lower proficiency learners, where this module can be used as part of a writing course or as a supplementary course for remedial class. One of the advantages of this module is it can be used for students at various levels; higher secondary as well as pre university.The target users are low- intermediate language learners. Another advantage is that this module will promote interest in language learning using computer-based instruction. Besides that, this module can be used offline, therefore this will be useful especially in areas where internet connection is unstable. Despite the poor connection, learners still can proceed with the lesson. Also, the contents are developed based on the three stages of essay writng; Sentence, Paragraph and Essay Writing level, thus will build confidence and comprehension on writing skills among the low proficiency learners as they explore the module. Assessments are provided to assess learners' comprehension of the lessons in every unit. The learning module consists of a CD-ROM and a Practice Book. In the CD- ROM, leaners can access the Diagnostic Test which will assess the learners' readiness on the lesson, Tutorial which contain lessons for each unit and Summative Test assessment. The Practice Book is an extension to the computer module, where the learners apply the knowledge of writing skill from the CD into practice. The tasks in the Practice Book are writing tasks that require students to write down answers to given questions. These writing tasks corporate group discussion as well as peer evaluation activities. It is hoped that this module will improve the quality of essay writing skills among pre university students at local higher learning institutions.Thus, prepare them for academic writing courses at undergraduate level. In future, this module will be transformed into an online course to serve English Language students around the world.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-07-30


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Affiana binti Kadri Leader
Siti Nursarjana bt. Malim Member


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Education, Innovation, Creative and Design 2018 (EiCD) 2018-05-24 UiTM Silver Dewan Berlian, UiTM Puncak Alam