Project Title Universal Natural based Coagulant Derived from Tacca Leontopetaloides
Project Category Invention
Abstract Treatment of leachate is crucial as it is an aqueous effluent generated through precipitation and degradation of the organic fraction which may infuse into groundwater which may pollute water sources. This invention presents the pretreatment of leachate at different dosage using newly plant based Tacca leontopetaloides coagulant to achieve high turbidity and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal. The coagulation was performed using a jar test experiment at pH 5 and different dosage. The optimum dosage of Tacca leontopetaloides to achieve highest turbidity and COD removal on leachate was found at 25 ml/L where the removal were found at 20 and 93% respectively. The analysis also showed the plant has coagulant properties. The newly formulated polynession arrowroot, Tacca coagulant can reduce the chemical coagulant usage due to it abundantly available biomass for leachate pretreatment.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-06-12


Staff Status
Juferi bin Idris, Prof. Madya Dr Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
International Technology Expo 2018 2018-06-12 International Gold KLCC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia