Project Title e-Transmech Finder
Project Category Design
Abstract Like people, cars sometimes experience little hiccups and need a bit of a health check and some extra attention to get back on track. However, not many drivers do their frequent maintenance for their cars. Due to this negligence, incidents such as flat tires, dead battery and worst is engine breakdown might happen while driving. The situation becomes worst when the driver does not know what to do and start getting panic especially when it happened at night and in unfamiliar places. However, with today’s technology a device called e-Transmech Finder which is a mobile app is developed to help drivers when they faced with this situation. This device uses a GPS system technology to track the nearby mechanic and workshops. It is also served as a one-stop center for users to get accurate information on the locations of the workshops, the working hours, estimation on the charges and also reviews from the previous customers who had been using its services. With the information given by the device, incidents such as being cheated by irresponsible mechanics and workshops can be avoided. In the case of emergency, this device can also give information on the location of the nearest police station or hospitals. This device can also be linked to the user’s insurance company to notify them of the accidents. This device can be used by anybody who owes a vehicle. It is free of charge and can be easily downloaded through Google play store for Androids or IOS users.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-05-03


Staff Status
Leviana Andrew Leader
Siti Fatimah binti Abdul Latiff Member
Norlina Mohamed Noor, Dr. Member
Awang Nasrizal Bin Awg. Ali Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Sarawak Invention, Innovation &Design (SIIDEx) 2018 2018-03-02 State Participation Penview Convention Centre (PCC) Demak Kuching , Sarawak, Malaysia