Project Title Tenses Pool Vol. 1:1
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Tenses Pool Vol. 1:1 is a learning software that helps elementary English learners to learn English Grammar by providing an interactive platform to learn, engage, and practice the rules. For many learners of English as a second or foreign language, one of their main goals for learning English is so that they will be able to communicate more efficiently in English to others. Hence, learning English takes on a communicative purpose, perhaps indirectly ignoring or side-lining the importance of grammar. Consequently, learners find it difficult to fully grasp important aspects of it such as tenses. “Tenses Pool Vol.1:1” aims to eliminate this stumbling block by providing an interactive platform to learn, engage and practice the rules of tenses in English. Besides being an interactive software with practice exercises targeted at elementary learners, Tenses Pool will also be filled with relevant examples designed in a context familiar to Malaysian learners. Volume 1 covers the aspects of Present Tense and after mastering this level it is hoped that learners will be able to continue with the other aspects of tenses in English to be presented in future volumes of Tenses Pool.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-04-19


Staff Status
Abang Fhaeizdhyall Bin Abang Madaud Member
Sueb Ibrahim, Dr Leader
Ismariani binti Ismail Member
Lenny Yusrina bt. Bujang Khedif Member
Dayang Zarinah Awang Bohari Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Language Invention, Innovation, and Design 2017 2017-11-02 National Bronze IDCC, Shah Alam, Selangor