Project Title Nursing Student Clinical Attachment Attendance Book
Project Category Innovation
Abstract This student’s clinical attachment book is to monitor student’s attendance efficiently in the clinical area throughout 3 years of training. Using this book, it will be able to record student’s attendances individually. Furthermore, it is to create a sense of accountability among students which to lead to ethical behavior because the authority will be given to students to keep the book in safe condition. The present compilation method of attendance using “senarai kedatangan pelajar” in an A4 paper is a problem due to monitoring of the students' attendances is done by grouping and at times the loose paper can be missing. The content of the book includes date, day, shift, clinical area and column for students and clinical instructor to sign. This book size is 14.7cm in width and 21cm in length. The book’s cover is hardcover which is more durable, affordable and glossy which is handy for students to bring to the clinical area every day and can be kept in the bag. This book comes with six (6) printed color papers which differentiate the semester. Semester 1 is green, semester 2 is dark green, semester 3 is yellow, semester 4 is orange, semester 5 is red and semester 6 is purple.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-03-23


Staff Status
Dorothy anak Kulai Member
Margaret ak Bungkong Member
Bodis Francis Ninggoi Leader
Jacqueline Pattie A/P Emah Member
Malati binti Marzuki Member


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lnvention, lnnovation & Design (IlD) and Sarawak lnvention, lnnovation & Design (SllDEx) Pre-selection 2017 2017-07-21 Campus Participation Dewan Jubli Kampus Samarahan