Project Title Retractable Dressing Trolley Clinical Waste Holder
Project Category Innovation
Abstract This Retractable Dressing Trolley Clinical Waste Holder is mounted to dressing trolley for holding clinical waste in the hospital for the clinical safety of the hospital environment. The model of the current trolley is not equipped with proper disposal receptacles for clinical waste during any nursing or medical procedures. The present practice is using clips or plasters to hang the clinical waste plastic bags at the side of the dressing trolley. And, the clips and plasters are not durable to support the load of the plastic bags and pose the risk of contamination to the surface of the trolley. Thus, it may cause unwanted contamination of the surrounding which may lead to infection to patient and healthcare providers. The Retractable Dressing Trolley Clinical Waste Holder is made of soft steel which features a 45 cm length, 32 cm height, 10 cm width (45x32x10cm) with two adjustable hinges which are stacked at a height of 13 mm and 17 mm respectively with an opening of 86° mounted on the present commercialized dressing trolley. The hinges allow closure or retraction of the holder when not in use. The Retractable Dressing Trolley Clinical Waste Holder will be lined with the yellow clinical waste plastic bag.This holder is ergonomic in nature as per design of the current dressing trolley used in the hospital and has durable features which can be commercialized
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-03-23


Staff Status
Dorothy anak Kulai Leader
Liew Siew Kee @ Amot Jin Kui Member
Lau Li Li Member
Frannelya Anak Francis Member
Jacqueline Pattie A/P Emah Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
lnvention, lnnovation & Design (llD) and Sarawak lnvention, lnnovation & Design (SllDEx) Pre-selection 2017 2018-03-22 Campus Participation Dewan Jubli Kampus Samarahan