Project Title Nursing Procedure Clinical Skills Book
Project Category Innovation
Abstract This Nursing Procedure Clinical Skills Book is used by nursing students to record clinical skill procedures being carried out and achieved as listed in the Log book for the whole of the study duration. Currently, nursing students buy any book available in the market and create it as “Target Book”. The target book varies in sizes and not standardize. This “target book” does not follows the chronology of the semester’s procedures. And, each student has many target books over the three years of study. Thus, monitoring and verification of clinical skill procedures achieved by the student are tedious to the clinical instructors. This Nursing Procedure Clinical Skills Book is fifteen (15)cm width and twenty one (21)cm length in size. It is a hard cover book which is more durable and also made of glossy paper. The price of the book is cheap and it is affordable. This book is also handy for students to bring to clinical area every day. Provided in this book is 6 printed color papers which differentiate their semesters. Name of procedures recorded for Semester 1 are in green paper, for semester 2 procedures are listed in dark green colour paper , semester 3 procedures are in yellow paper, semester 4 procedures are in orange colour paper, while semester 5 procedures are in red colour paper and semester 6 procedures is in the purple colour paper. And, this Nursing Procedure Clinical Skills Book content number, date, patient name, patient registration number, clinical area of placement, signature and name of clinical instructors.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2018-03-06


Staff Status
Dorothy anak Kulai Member
Bodis Francis Ninggoi Leader
Margaret ak Bungkong Member
Jacqueline Pattie A/P Emah Member
Malati binti Marzuki Member


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lnvention, lnnovation & Design (llD) and Sarawak lnvention, lnnovation & Design (SllDEx) Pre-selection 2017 2017-07-24 Campus Participation Dewan Jubli