Project Title Hanzi Write It Right
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Learning a logograph writing system like Mandarin requires a completely different set of metalinguistic knowledge than learning English and Malay language which share the same writing system, alphabetical writing system. Mandarin writing system does not allow deconstruction of letters to form different syllabus or phonemes like in English and Malay language. In Mandarin, a simple change of a stroke in a word might change the word and its meaning entirely. Thus, learning to write Mandarin correctly could be the toughest task in Mandarin learning. To ease this problem, Writing Hanzi (WZ) provides a simple and fun self-directed learning digital platform to allow learners to practice Mandarin writing. The added advantage of the app is to be able to make complicated writing strokes become easy and more comprehensible for learners to digest. Apart from that, it also enhances their accuracy in stroke order writing, the most crucial unit in Mandarin writing and increases their vocabulary knowledge for better acquisition of Mandarin.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-11-20


Staff Status
Ch'ng Looi Chin Member
Adeline Anak Engkamat Member
Ting Hie Ling Leader
Norizuandi Bin Ibrahim Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Language Invention, Innovation & Design 2017-11-02 National Gold Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam (IDCC)