Project Title DREAM Journal
Project Category Innovation
Abstract This innovation assists students to plan and organize their study for Course ACC030. This smart planner is a blank template that consists of six elements: syllabus, goal setter, assignment log, chapter summary, question wheel and self-assessment log. Once students have registered they are required to fill up the template throughout the semester according to the requirements. Firstly, the syllabus template consists of a list of chapters for ACC030. Students have to rank their level of understanding after the completion of each chapter. Secondly, goal setter template aims to help student to set their goals for this subject and decide actions that should be taken as well as their achievements and improvements. Thirdly, the assignment log template acts as a reminder for their assignment and submission date. Forth, chapter summary template, the students will summarize their thought and highlight the key points of each chapter. Fifth, question wheel template, it is created based on bloom’s taxonomy elements (Krathwohl 2002). Based on the question wheel, students have to be creative in developing the questions and answers. Lastly, self-assessment log, they have to record their assessment marks and calculate their carry marks. This product is useful because it will help them to self-monitor their own assessments and achievements for this subject.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-11-01


Staff Status
Dayang Hummida binti Abang Abdul Rahman Member
Fatin Adilah Razali Leader
Shafinaz Lyana Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention, lnnovation & Design (llD) and Sarawak lnvention, lnnovation & Design (SllDEx) Pre-selection 2017 2017-08-10 Campus Participation UITM MUKAH SARAWAK