Project Title PSLet
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Health is a very important factor to human. In order to remain healthy, some people continuously consume medicine pills while some constantly taking supplementary vitamins. Usually, the pills are taken at a time interval. At the moment, pills are kept in small storage box or medicine case and taken everywhere in pocket or bag. However due to busy schedule or while doing multi-tasking works, the pills box or case could possibly misplaced, missing, dropped or accidentally left behind somewhere untraceable. Therefore PSLet was introduced. PSLet stand for Pills Storage Bracelet. It is a bracelet that come with small case with size of pill attached. It allows pills to be kept and stored at the hand wrist so that the pills will always remain with user. PSLet will eliminate the risk of having pills misplaced, missing, dropped or left behind without a trace.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-09-08


Staff Status
Mohamad Ezad Hafez bin Mohd Pahroraji, Ts, Dr, PTech Leader
Ahmad Faiz Abdul Rashid, Sr, Dr, PQS Member
Mohamad Hasimi bin Abdullah Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention, Innovation & Design (IID) and Sarawak Invention, Innovation & Design (SIIDEx) Pre-Selection 2017 2017-07-24 Campus Participation Dewan Jubli, UiTM Cawangan Sarawak