Project Category Innovation
Abstract In Sarawak, the Foochow community is the largest sub-ethnic group, constituting 33.5 percent of the Chinese population (Terence, 2013). However, the use of Foochow dialect has decreased considerably, especially among the younger generation (Ting &Roland 2002).Younger generation of this community speak mainly Mandarin and English and are forgoing their heritage. In view of this, FINGO Board Game is designed especially for young children to cultivate their interest to learn Foochow dialect. The game can be played by two to four players. Players randomly select magnetic chips from the box and fill on the 5x5 grids. The first player selects a word and read it aloud while other players listen and search for the word. The players have to flip the chips to mark the word. The players are required to cover three consecutive lines, which can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. The first player that achieves three marked lines calls out “Bingo” to win the game. The board game is an initial attempt in encouraging the younger generation to speak the dialect in an entertaining way. The game creates an engaging atmosphere and provides a non-threatening, playful yet competitive environment while children learning the dialect. Children are also able to learn important social skills such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns and enjoying interaction with others. It can foster the ability to focus and lengthen children’s attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting game. It is hoped that through the game, it is able to preserve Foochow dialect from language loss and language death.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-08-15


Staff Status
Yeo Jiin Yih Leader
Jacqueline Susan anak Rijeng Member
Kimberley Lau Yih Long Member
Ting Su Ung Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention, Innovation & Design (IID) and Sarawak Invention, Innovation & Design (SIIDEx) Pre-selection 2017 2017-07-24 Campus Participation Dewan Jubli Kampus Samarahan, UiTM Sarawak