Project Category Innovation
Abstract Sarawak has a lot of city view-rivers that can attract visitors and bring attentions to the town. Beautification of the riversides and maintaining the cleanliness are vital that require serious attention. However, uncontrolled oil waste dumping from oil facilities and automobile leakage has already harmed many rivers. We neglect our rivers until they demand attention and the role in keeping our rivers alive seems to have already been forgotten. Therefore, one potential solution to this problem is to produce and environmentally-safe product to absorb oil waste. The proposed product, "Composite Absorbeezz" is a prototype designed. The characteristic of the prototype is that the composite material will be wrapped and tied to a floating object. It will be based on the ability of the composite material to absorb oil waste, while floating at the surface of the river. The composite material mostly consists of human hair and a portion of sponge. The portion of sponge in lock of hair can cause a magnetic couple effect that can highly improvise the absorption performance. The uniqueness of the prototype is that it can be commercialized in a small or big market and has a high value to generate income in the future. By using mostly recycled materials, it is considered as a low cost and effective product, easy to handle, as a side income to barbers and provide opportunity to manufacturers to produce a better product using the proposed prototype.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-07-07


Staff Status
Noor Azland bin Jainudin Leader
Ahmad Fadzil Bin Jobli, Dr Member
Iskanda bin Openg, Dr. Member
Maureen Neging Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
The lnternational lnvention, Innovation & Design Competition (IIID JOHOR 2017) 2017-03-09 International Silver AMANSARI RESIDENCE RESORT, JOHOR