Project Title MathLike
Project Category Invention
Abstract MathLike, a renewed mathematics board game is designed to help students to master mathematics skills through game-based experience. The focus of this game is to train students practising varieties of mathematics equation as they play with their friends. MathLike trains the students to think critically as they need to use existing information, make inferences, apply concepts, and make assumptions and consequently, solving problems to win the game. The students deal with mathematics equations and symbols in order to boost their confidence making mathematics an interesting and cheerful experience. Through the continued practice, students try hard to recognize number sense as well as dealing with Mathematics equations and symbols. The final aim of playing MathLike with friends is to obtain the highest scores while forming any mathematics equations on a board that connect to those created by fellow friends. Its uniqueness lies in the constructive, conducive and multi game-play concept which offers active participation from all students.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-06-13


Staff Status
Tang Howe Eng, Dr. Leader
Imelia Laura ak Daneil Member
Jacqueline Susan anak Rijeng Member
Siti Faridah binti Kamaruddin Member
Kimberley Lau Yih Long Member
Yeo Jiin Yih Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
InTEX 17 2017-05-17 State Silver DeTAR PUTRA UNIMAS