Project Title 3-IN-1 VESA Watering Tube
Project Category Innovation
Abstract 3-IN-1 VESA Watering Tube is a product that helps farmer to water the plant without carrying the water can. It is an environmental friendly product because it is built based on the recycle items. The product enhances the efficiency of the farmers to water their plant or planting bed. The trolley feature enables the farmers to carry the product anywhere and anytime. It offers a simple solution for delivering water directly to the plant root area. The target markets for this product are farmers or gardeners to ease their daily watering activity. It is equipped with a holder and water blocker. The screw is attached with the product to open and close the blocker. Users will push the screw to enable the flow of water out of the can and pulled the screw inwards to close the watering tube. Water and pesticides are placed inside the watering can. Nowadays, it is difficult for farmers to water the plant while carrying the fertilizer, collected goods and gardening tools. By using this product, farmers can do it one in a time. In addition, 3-IN-1 VESA Watering Tube can be used to place three essential items in gardening namely fertilizers, collected crops and gardening tools whereby the soil cultivator is attached to the trolley. Significantly, the core function of the product is to ease the farmers’ daily activity in watering the plant. The novelty of this product is the additional features of rollers to help farmers to push the trolley while watering the planting bed which eventually, can reduce the energy and time taken to collects crops, watering plants and cultivate the beds. This enables the farmers to water it without carrying the watering can. Hence, this 3-IN-1 VESA Watering Tube is what every farmer needs!
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-04-27


Staff Status
Imelia Laura ak Daneil Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Young Invention, Innovation & Design Competition 2017 2017-03-15 Campus Participation Dewan Jubli, UiTM Cawangan Sarawak