Project Title e-Integral Map: An Interactive Web Application for Solving Integrals
Project Category Innovation
Abstract e-Integral Map is an innovative interactive web application, that helps user with the identification of the correct integration technique in solving integrals. This application can be used by student who learns calculus and educator who teaches calculus course. e-Integral Map emphasizes on the simplicity and effectiveness of the integral solving process as prescribed in the maps. With the implementation of blended hierarchical and layered methods, e- Integral Map instills confidence in dealing with complexity by starting with simplicity. Visual effects are also utilized in e-Integral Map to enhance learning and understanding. Besides providing a rich learning experience and reinforcement, e-Integral Map also caters to different ability level of users. It consists of 1 bridging map and 7 techniques maps which are linked meaningfully. The bridging map presents a big picture of the content to be learned. This helps to convey ”big idea” effect to users in a meaningful way. The technique maps are developed in 2 layers, namely the outer layer (main concepts) and the inner layer (sub-concepts) and color is used to guide the user relationally. This application has high commercial value as it can be used effectively, anywhere and anytime as long as users can go online. Targeted users include students, teachers and lecturers doing calculus courses in educational institutions. SAINS, as part of its corporate social responsibility, is supporting the development and implantation of e-Integral Map. This mutually beneficial project will further the university’s primary mission, which is education and advancement of knowledge through ICT.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-03-30


Staff Status
Nor Hazizah Binti Julaihi Leader
Voon Li Li Member
Kelvin Goh Tee Hiong Member
Tang Howe Eng, Dr. Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Cabaran Inovasi Inklusif 2016 Zon Sarawak 2016-12-19 State Participation Imperial Hotel Kuching Sarawak