Project Title Microwave-assisted carbonization using oil palm biomass for the production of charcoal
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Production of charcoal with a high higher heating value (HHV) while maintaining low gaseous emission requires high energy input and complicated methods. This innovation relates to the production of charcoal with high HHV and low gaseous emission from palm kernel shell (PKS) within a microwaveassisted pre-carbonisation system. The maximum temperature was 300 oC, and three magnetrons were employed to assist with the pre-carbonisation process. The magnetrons were programmed to automatically shut down when the temperature reached 250 oC. Carbonisation took place when the PKS was combusted and the resulting heat was used to sustain the carbonisation. The gaseous emission was passed through a condensation unit and a scrubber system connected to the microwave reactor. Untreated PKS biomass with particle size of 6e15 mm was used in this study. A high HHV of 27.63 MJ/kg was obtained. The concentrations for the particulate matter with a size of 10 mm and below (PM10), CO, NO2, SO2 and HCl were below the standard limits set by the Malaysian Ambient Air Quality Standards (2014). Therefore, the microwave-assisted pre-carbonisation technology proposed in this study produced charcoal with high HHV and low gaseous emission which can be used as co- combustion for renewable energy generation
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-03-15


Staff Status
Juferi bin Idris, Prof. Madya Dr Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
7th exposition on islamic innovation ( i-INOVA) 2016 2016-09-08 National Gold Dewan Tuanku Canselor USIM