Project Category Innovation
Abstract In Sarawak, waterways still form a considerable part of road network throughout the state. In certain areas where road vanishes at the river cross, ferries, express boats and small boats are available to connect the missing link, often with minimal charges. However, the operations of some of the ferry services in Sarawak rely on the tide cycles, and such is the case of Batang Samarahan Ferry Service. The situation in itself presents uncertainties to the commuters to plan their journey. In the low tide, the ferry operation temporarily stops and commuters have to travel by alternative road which significantly increases the travel time and distance. The situation becomes worst if it is during emergencies. Although the schedule for high and low tides issued by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sarawak is available online, at times is not easily accessible. Nevertheless, there is no specific information on Batang Samarahan. It is in this light that this project plans to design a mobile app which can be used by commuters of Batang Samarahan ferry service. This app will be linked to the tide almanacs for Samarahan River provided by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sarawak and the ferry services provided by the ferry operator, BSL Navigation (M) Sdn. Bhd. Since the internet is widely-used by people of today, it is hoped that this app will assist ferry users in getting essential information on tides and availability of the ferry services which can help them to plan their journey in advance.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-03-22


Staff Status
Rozita binti Hanapi Member
Norlina Mohamed Noor, Dr. Leader
Muhammad bin Omar Member
Shahril Anwar Bin Hj. Mahmud Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Pertandingan Cabaran Inovasi Inklusif 2016, Zon Sarawak 2016-12-19 State Participation Imperial Hotel Kuching Sarawak
Invention, Innovation and Design UiTM Cawangan Negeri Sembilan 2017 2017-02-22 UiTM Bronze UiTM Cawangan Negeri Sembilan