Project Title Zero-to-Five Degrees
Project Category Design
Abstract Zero-to-Five Degrees is a new design meant for bookshelf. When a bookshelf is not packed, books do not stay upright. The design of Zero-to-Five Degrees adds a small angle to the horizontal plane of a modular bookshelf so that the books stay upright through gravitational law. It offers an option of adjusting the horizontal plane according to the user’s preference. When any book is taken out or put back to the bookshelf with the design of Zero-to-Five Degrees, the remaining of the books keep staying upright. The bookshelf with this new design has good potential to be commercialized because: (i) bookshelf is one of the necessary furniture in most of the houses, and (ii) it is stylish with no added cost.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2016-08-02


Staff Status
Leong Siow Hoo,Prof Madya. Dr. Leader
Hwa Tee Yong, Dr. Member
Rasidah Mahdi, Prof. Madya Dr. Member
Anniza binti Hamdan Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition 2016 2016-09-20 National Silver DATC UiTM Malaysia
Sarawak Invention, Innovation & Design Expo 2016 2016-01-29 State Gold Dewan Jubli UiTM Sarawak