Project Title Online Room Booking System (ORBS)
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Online Room Booking System (ORBS) is an online booking method that helps manage and keep room booking records in a more systematic manner compared to common traditional methods. In this system, booking of rooms are directly recorded and monitored by a system manager. The booking record is directly linked to approval officers via mobile phones or computers. Once room booking application is approved, immediate notification is sent to users via email. Meanwhile, through similar medium, supervisors from facility and/ or security department can access booking details such as date, time, room number and requests for special equipment. This could enable them to monitor requests and take actions related to job scope. It is created to help solve issues related delayed or long processing time, and understaffing. In a common room booking practice, an application has to go through many stages, thus it is time consuming. The introduction of ORBS, however, makes it possible for an integration of these different stages and a collaboration of different roles under a one-stop reservation data sharing system which could promote good time management practice. This simple-to-operate and cost-saving system, in addition, suits remote work environment which allows staff to work anywhere at any time to their convenience. Therefore, this makes it a unique system that helps improve employee engagement and increase productivity. Being managed on a paperless system, this method may support efforts towards environmental sustainability in a long run. From a security and safety perspective, any data recorded on ORBS is safe as the system manager may control and decide who may access and use the application. Last but not least, for the system to be equally benefited and effectively adopted by others, it can be customized according to different needs of an organization.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2017-01-20


Staff Status
Pengiran Saifudzin Pengiran Mahtar Member
Intan Sanyut Shazali Member
Rohana Iboi Member
Mohamad Musa bin Bohari Leader
Muhamad Syukrie bin Hj Abu Talip Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
10th Division Invention,Innovation & Design Expo (TIIDEX 2016) 2016-03-05 State Silver Dewan Sri Balau,UiTM Cawangan Sarawak Kampus Mukah