Project Title Aisier Latex Collector
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Aisier latex Collector is an innovative process designed to collect the latex freshly from the farm. The process uses high quality and durable rod tubes attached directly to the rubber tree into the prepared boxes. Historically, rubber tapping process has been done manually by rubber tappers from one tree to another tree. The rubber tappers cut through the latex vessels, from which the product then flows from every tree and this process is time consuming towards the rubber tappers. Hence, the innovative process suggested by using high quality and durable rod tubes attached to the incision made in the rubber tree’s bark will help rubber tappers to collect the latex efficiently and easily from hundreds of rubber trees at one time. The rod tubes allow the latex to run down from multiple trees in a row to a collecting box. Additionally, rubber tappers can save their time by allowing the latex from few trees to flow down through the rod tubes after the rubber tapping process. The idea of the Aisier Latex Collector would definitely provide an innovative process of rubber tapping and beneficial to rubber tappers.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2016-10-26


Staff Status
Imelia Laura ak Daneil Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
10th Division Invention, Innovation and Design Expo (TIIDEX 2016) 2016-03-05 State Participation Dewan Sri Balau, UiTM Kampus Mukah