Project Title Dabai Green Pad
Project Category Invention
Abstract Dabai Green Pad is invented using the seeds of dabai (Canarium odontophyllum Miq.) fruit. The flesh and nut of dabai fruit is eaten for its many nutritional properties. However, the seed is usually thrown away by some who only favored the creamy flesh. As to date and to our knowledge, no literature exists on the use of dabai seeds as flooring mat or any pad. Pads or mats that are sold in the market are usually made of synthetic materials, expensive, and with no real health benefits to human. As an alternative natural green solution that is non-toxic, the dabai seeds are skillfully woven into mat or skillfully cemented into pad that are both durable and comfortable. Long-lasting three angled shape of dabai seed provides flexibility and variety to surface gradient texture of pads and mats. The Pad can be used indoor as an exercise flooring mat for total body and feet massage or relaxation pad. It can also be placed outdoor and functioned as health walk-path therapy. The use of dabai seeds as natural pad is an innovative approach to integrate the environment and human health, and it is affordable for everyone. Since dabai is largely grown in Sarawak and Sabah, this economical Green Pad has great potential to be commercialized in the near future as part of small medium enterprise in Borneo region.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2016-04-01


Staff Status
Voon Li Li Leader
Ling Siew Ching Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Sarawak Invention, Innovation & Design Expo (SIIDEx 2016) 2016-01-29 State Bronze Dewan Jubli, UiTM Sarawak