Project Title UiTM Samarahan IE-Map
Project Category Innovation
Abstract The IE-Map, where ‘IE’ stands for ‘Interactive Exploring’, is an application for a specific map, in this case, UiTM Samarahan Campus 1 and 2. It is thought to be useful especially for the students and visitors from outside of UiTM Campuses. Recently, UiTM Samarahan Campus 2 has started operating and people tend to have difficulties with the new changes in knowing the exact routes and buildings inside both campuses. Even the staff and students especially the new ones are always confused. To solve this problem, UiTM SAMARAHAN IE-MAP was introduced by using GIS (Geographical Information System) to integrate a map with relevant details of the buildings including their distance for the end-users to explore the map and plan their trip there. The application is developed in 2D and can be enhanced to 3D with sufficient data. It can be integrated into UiTM website for public usage and can be expanded to the whole state of Sarawak for future project if required, in which will also increase the tourism and economic sectors. This indirectly will help to reduce the production of hardcopy map since people relied so much on their smartphones and internet nowadays. The interface of this application is user-friendly, simple, saves time and is efficient. The project can be commercialized. We believe that the introduction of this application will be a huge success to fulfill its purpose in both small and large scale industries.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2016-03-04


Staff Status
Awang Nasrizal Bin Awg. Ali Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Sarawak Invention, Innovation & Design Expo (SIIDEx 2016) 2016-01-30 State Best Practice Dewan Jubli, UiTM Sarawak