Project Title Visualising Adjustment for Continuity Correction
Project Category Innovation
Abstract In many instances, it is found that students know when to apply continuity correction when approximating a discrete distribution with a continuous distribution in their assessment tests and final exam questions, yet not many are able to score full mark for the related questions as the students tend to apply the wrong continuity correction required. This shows that when it is easy for the students to understand the reason for the application of continuity correction, it is not easy for the students to quickly figure out whether the continuity correction be +0.5 or –0.5. As such, the students tend to memorise the continuity correction adjustment for faster retrieval during any written test. This technique often fails to benefit the students because there are many cases of continuity correction adjustments (9 different cases altogether) to cover. Hence, the purpose of the introduction of the teaching innovation titled Visualising Adjustment for Continuity Correction in statistics classes is to enable the students to quickly remember the correct continuity correction to be applied in any cases given to them, without memorising it, but with some simple logical thinking and prior knowledge in drawing number line. It is taking the advantage of the visualisation technique to enable the students to understand the correct continuity correction to be applied, meaningfully. This teaching innovation is applicable for any statistics courses dealing with probability distribution. All the sciences programs have at least one statistics paper covering probability in its syllabus, and concept of continuity correction is one of the fundamental basics in finding probability. As this teaching innovation does not require any cost at all and yet can result in multiple fold effectiveness in visualising adjustment for continuity correction, it will be of students’ choice to remember the continuity correction logically and effortlessly.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2016-01-14


Staff Status
Lau Ung Hua Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Pertandingan Inovasi Pengajaran: Visualising the Invisible 2015-10-30 Campus First Prize UiTM Sarawak