Project Title ITDD (The Integrated Tool for Digital Divide)
Project Category Innovation
Abstract The ITDD is a tool that measures the existing gap of ICT diffusion or digital divide between different social groups, simulates future scenarios and recommends appropriate policy options using the SD technique. “Digital divide” is the disparity in terms of access to ICT infrastructures and the effective adoption of ICT to enhance the quality of life. This tool can be used to develop a rating system ranging from low to high values that indicates the extent of the gap, and simulate future scenarios based on different policy options. The tool can be utilized by the central, provincial and local governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to measure the extent of digital divide, and recommend optimal policy options in achieving equitable development between different social groups. The tool has high commercial value potential because countries in the world need such a tool to measure the disparity in development in order to improve their national economies.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2012-07-02


Staff Status
Annie Wong Muk Ngiik, Prof. Madya Leader
Yap Yin, Prof. Madya Member
Kuldip Singh, Dr. Member
Chong Vui Hok Member
Robert John Jingut Member
Stalin Johneny Ak. Aloi Member
Jamil b. Hj Hamali, Profesor Dato Dr Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
7th Invention, Innovation and Design (IID) 2010 2010-01-12 UiTM Gold Dewan Sri Budiman & Annexe, UiTM Shah Alam