Project Title Kaw11 Clothers Suspension
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Malaysia is a tropical country with rainy and sunny days throughout the year. Nowadays, Malaysia’s weather is relatively unpredictable which is reflective of the current occurrence of unstable climate. This circumstance is affecting human’s routine especially on drying clothes and fabric. For instance, due to irregular pattern of weather, people become uncertain about drying clothes outside. As an alternative, people can dry clothes inside the home but this may extend the duration of drying which can distract their daily routine. In order to ease the problem, we come out with a clothes suspension innovation in order to improve drying process regardless of the weather. The new clothes suspension is covered with transparent glass which emit sunlight and at the same time protect clothes from getting wet in the event of rain. Furthermore, an automatic detection protective curtain is another key feature for this innovation which acts as lateral rain protection that only functions during heavy rain. With the features and functions of this innovation of clothes suspension, it is believed that the clothes drying process is improved and also provide a better life for the users.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-08-27


Staff Status
Wan Mohd Nurdden bin Wan Muhammad Member
Awang Ihsan bin Awang Yunus, Sr, PQS Leader
Khairul Anuar bin Maarof Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
IID UiTM Sarawak Vol. 1 2015 2015-03-23 Campus Top 10 Best Product UiTM Sarawak