Project Title Retail Business Calculation Ruler / Roller (REBCAR)
Project Category Invention
Abstract We use mathematical formula to solve most of our everyday life problems. Many people have a fear of mathematical formulas and calculation. How do small businesses handle their retailing business problems? Since their businesses involve lower amount, they can’t afford to employ an accountant to assist them. Besides this, students who learn retail business mathematics also have problems remembering so many related formulas. Retail Business Calculation Roller / Ruler (REBCAR) is a teaching and learning tool and also a business tool. In teaching and learning, the handy REBCAR helps lecturers to explain the concept of retail business mathematics and assists students to learn this topic without the need to remember the formulas. This instrument will guide them to understand the concept of retail business and solve related problems easily. As a business tool, it helps small businesses to manage every aspect of the business taking the role of an “accountant’ to assist them to compute and manage their businesses. The uniqueness of the instrument is the flexibility of gliding or rotating the different parts of the instrument which represent different variables in retail business. Each variable has an individual scale and the users do not need to do any calculation. The total amount can be displayed immediately. Beside this, the REBCAR is also very user friendly. It can be operated by anyone without much knowledge in mathematics. The REBCAR can help small businesses especially those from rural areas to perform their “accountant” role to compute their business-related variables. It also assists lecturers to teach and students to learn retail business mathematics. Therefore, this product is marketable both in the local and global market.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-12-22


Staff Status
Ling Siew Eng, Dr Leader
Ling Siew Ching Member
Elizabeth Caroline Augustine Member
Aimi Nuraida binti Ali Hassan Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Innvention, Innovation & Design Exposition 2015 2015-04-27 UiTM Gold UiTM Shah Alam