Project Title Natural Dye Remover
Project Category Invention
Abstract Sugarcane fiber is an excellent choice as dye remover because it practices green environmental concept, minimises waste and is biodegradable. It is an effective sorbent for the removal of both turmeric and marker ink. It contains carboxylic acid and hydroxyl groups, which show the capacity to adsorb the dye molecules by ion exchange. Experimental results showed that increase in initial dye concentration caused increase in dye removal. It provides a cheap, easily available and environmental friendly sorbent that needs no modification prior to use. The sugarcane fiber and orange peel are dried and grinded before being mixed with commercial vinegar. The mixture of the fiber with orange peel and vinegar as sugarcane activator can remove dye more effectively. Hence, sugarcane fiber is a suitable and economically attractive alternative to remove dye for numerous industries such as wastewater treatment, textile, printing, food and beverages, cosmetics, paint, pigments, pesticide and pharmaceutical industry.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-08-13


Staff Status
Siti Kartina binti Abdul Karim, Dr Member
Rabuyah binti Ni Leader
Millaa-Armilla binti Asli Member
Siti Hajijah Binti Ismail, Ts Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition (iidex) 2015 2015-04-29 UiTM Bronze Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor (DATC), UiTM Shah Alam
IID UiTM Sarawak Vol. 1 2015 2015-03-25 Campus Top 10 Best Product UiTM Sarawak