Project Title Surface Area & Volume of 3D Objects (SAVE3D)
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Students always have great difficulty understanding mathematics problems involving objects due to students just seeing what is displayed “within sight”, but not seeing what they are unable to see. Literally, the unseen refers to what are not within sight. Visualization is the process of creation, reflection and interpretation upon pictures and images, and it plays a rich role in the learning and doing of mathematics. SAVE3D (Surface Area and Volume of 3D Objects) is an electronic visualization tool, which aims to facilitate the learning of Surface Area and Volume of 3D objects by showing the pictures and relevant formulas of objects interactively. The objectives are to help students to visualize the objects and to identify the relevant formulas to calculate the volumes and areas of the objects. SAVE3D enables students to see and get a clearer picture of the shapes of 3D objects such as cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, pyramid and prism. Besides viewing the objects from different angles and sizes, students can also view the process of decomposing an object to its surface area. Related examples on surface areas and volumes of each object are also included in SAVE3D. Hence, SAVE3D could enhance students’ understanding of mathematics problems involving surface areas and volumes of objects through proper mental representations of these objects. SAVE3D is generated by PHP programming language. It is user friendly and can be accessed online anytime and anywhere. This product has commercialization value as it is useful to students who are doing elementary mathematics courses in any educational institution such as secondary schools, colleges and universities. One-time fee can be charged for three (3) different licences, namely, single, multiples and unlimited licences. Profits generated from the sales are to be used for maintaining and upgrading the software.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-08-13


Staff Status
Ting Su Ung Leader
Chen Chee Khium Member
Nor Hazizah Binti Julaihi Member
Lau Ngee Kiong, Prof. Madya Dr. Member
Jati Kasuma bin Ali, Dr. Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
IID UiTM Sarawak Vol. 1 2015 2015-03-23 Campus Participation UiTM Sarawak