Project Title Interactive Mobile Application for English Vocabulary
Project Category Innovation
Abstract Because of the lack of exposure to the language, Malaysian learners trying to master the language often find it very challenging as frustrating process. This problem, which is prevalent among our primary school children extends all the way to tertiary level and a recent report in the STAR (The STAR 21, May 2013), a local paper laments that even university graduates do not know how to communicate correctly in very simple English. What is even more alarming is that our education system does not seem to be able to address and arrest this inexorable decline in the teaching and learning of English. Interactive Mobile Application for English Vocabulary (IMAFEG) approach is based on close reference to Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives. The mobile application takes into cognizance the fact that the language abilities of learners may vary, by offering a gradual progression of levels of difficulty i.e Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced lessons. This mobile application provides comprehensive and challenging materials designed to help tertiary students and young adults to achieve language accuracy and proficiency by using materials that are more relevant and suitable for their background and experience of multiculturalism .
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-07-30


Staff Status
Ng Kui Choo Member
Caesar Delwis @ Dealwis,Prof Madya Dr. Leader
Clement anak Jimel Member


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