Project Title Planner an-Nisa
Project Category Innovation
Abstract This planner is especially made and designed for women whether they are in their teen life, career women, housewives, and so on. It is especially designed to assist women in understanding their menstrual/period cycle. The planner also included frequently asked questions (FAQs/feqah) related with menstrual, fertility, nifas (after childbirth) and istihadhah (unhealthy blood). This planner’s size resembles the commonly produced planner that people can put on their table to help them manage their daily schedules. Interestingly, the planner comes with stickers available in five colours (red, dark red, brown, yellow, and black) that match the colours of blood discharge that comes out during menstrual which women can stick to their planner/calendar to better understand their period cycles. Most importantly, this planner is designed not only to be used for scheduling life but also to assist women to better understand their menstrual, fertility, nifas and istihadhah and help them to decide or undertake syariah compliance actions accordingly. In addition, those who suffer unstable hormonal changes or irregular period cycles may find this very helpful.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-07-30


Staff Status
Nadiyah Bt Hashim Leader
Nurul Huda Izzati bt Jamil Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
i fest 2014-06-25 UiTM Silver UiTM Sabah