Project Title Song Creation
Project Category Innovation
Abstract This Song Creation activity aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of parts of speech (especially, nouns) as they filled in the blanks of a song lyrics worksheet with suitable nouns and also developing students’ creativity through composing their own song lyrics. In addition, it provided students the freedom to be creative in expressing their thoughts and to learn grammar in an entertaining manner when composing their own song lyrics. This method of teaching and learning started with the playing of a song entitled “Heal the World” twice to the students. While listening to the song, they filled in the blanks with suitable nouns. The next step involved going through the answers with the students. Then, the students worked in groups to compose their own song. This was followed by members from each group singing the song which they have composed to the whole class. This method is unique as there is no such method being used in class as yet to promote the teaching and learning of parts of speech. It will be an impact to the education sector to improve the teaching and learning technique by incorporating songs to teach grammar in a more fun way and at the same time, students learn to be more creative and innovative.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2015-01-16


Staff Status
Sandra Sim Phek Lin, Dr. Leader


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
Certified by Deputy Rector PJI 2013-12-16 Campus Certified by Deputy Rector PJI UiTM Sarawak